Best Wrapped Truck 2015

Best Wrapped Truck 2015

Outstanding Fleet Vehicle Graphic Design

Jennifer Stueber and her father Bill talked about wrapping their trucks on and off for about a decade. Finally, about nine months ago, after taking a business development course together, they decided to make the investment in updating the brand for Blue Ridge Heating & Cooling.
"Change can be very hard to deal with," she says. "My father had a very difficult time, because he spent 20 years building what we had. But, every company that's been around a while eventually changes with the times."

It started with the company logo, which then turned into a redesigned website and, eventually, new wraps for the fleet. Because Blue Ridge has an open book policy with employees, bringing the team into the design process seemed natural.

"Our whole team was involved," Stueber says. "Our change has actually helped our team grow very close together in a positive way."

Like many companies, Blue Ridge has a mutigenerational workforce, and getting everyone to agree on a company design was a process.

"We have an age gap, whereas the younger employees wanted something modern and the older employees wanted something old fashioned," she says. "We did a lot of research on other trucks and the consensus was that we wanted something that was retro, but also modern."

Jennifer's father, who started the company in 1986, believes in the good old days where companies provided excellent customer service. That's something everyone agreed was an important point to emphasize.
The vans have a sleek, modern look, while still conveying that old fashioned feeling, captured perfectly in the company logo and the graphic of the red, rotary dial phone.

"The people who remember those red rotary phones are a lot older, and my generation doesn't even know what those are," Stueber says. "Of course, I know about them because we have one, because my dad likes to keep old things."
In fact, her father's collection of "old things" was the inspiration for the company logo — displayed in the Blue Ridge office is a collection of vintage furnace tags, which Stueber used when working with the graphic designer.

In less than a year, Blue Ridge has gone from plain white vans with a lot of words on them to a complete rebranding and wrapped trucks — an expensive endeavor.

"You truck is the absolute best form of advertising you can have, because it's constantly on the move," Stueber says. "All day, all night in different neighborhoods — you need it to be the best it can be. It costs a lot of money, but it's worth it."